Hi! My name is Alexey, but may be you know me as stolzen.
I'm from Russia and I'm a bootleg-trader. Welcome to my web-page!
I trade only DVD-Video bootlegs, official releases only enumerated in my list. All live shows in my list recordings are made by fans and for fans and for free trade only, NOT for sale.

Please, before you'll write me about the trade, check my rules.
If you don't agree with some of my rules, sorry, I will not trade with you. And all my rules apply to me too.

My rules:
  1. I trade only for DVD-Video bootlegs.
  2. Usually I don't trade on-line. I trade by snail mail.
  3. If we haven't traded and you contact me first, you send first.
  4. Don't forget about ID when you'll create wishlist (ID in square brackets).
  5. Use quality DVDRs like Verbatim, Sony, TDK.
  6. Don't send to me lossy-sourced (DivX, VCD, etc.) shit!
  7. I don't want dvds which contains more than 1.5 hours!!!
  8. First copy to your hard disk and only after that from your hard disk to DVDR.
  9. Don't write on the DVDRs, just put a paper with short info about the show.
  10. Check stuff before sending.
  11. Inform me about sending and receiving.
  12. If I get shows, which I can't copy or see, I'll ask about replacemet.
  13. Send me exactly what I ask. If I get another show, I'll ask about replacement.
  14. Be honest.

My favourite styles are: (in order of decrease)
  • Death Metal - Death/Grind, Brutal Death, Deathcore, etc. like Dying Fetus, Misery Index, Beneath The Massacre, Deeds Of Flesh, Brodequin, Disgorge, Devourment, Emnity, Degrade, Heinous Killings, Putrid Pile, Origin, Aversion To Life, Katalepsy, Abominable Putridity, Despised Icon.
  • Grindcore - Goregrind, Pornogring, Grindcore like Cock And Ball Torture, Romperpop, Jig-Ai, Pigsty, Anal Nosorog, Gronibard, Sordid Clot, Blood Duster, Fuck The Facts, Nasum.
  • Some Doom and Thrash shows also will be ok.

All shows in my list was scored. My shows have one score - it's average between video and audio quality. Score "5" means that this show is excellent. Score "1" means that this show has the worst quality, only for fans.

Hope you will be able to find here some interesting stuff for you.
Cheers, stolzen!
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